Youth Ministry


SCAPC Youth Ministry provides students from 6th-12th grade with a safe and affirming atmosphere to explore their unique relationship with God, to build friendships based on trust, authenticity, and grace, to examine and embrace their own gifts and imperfections, and to develop a deeper sense of justice and open-mindedness for and with individuals and communities different than their own.

Rather than being seen as passive conduits of knowledge, our youth are recognized for the wisdom, creativity, and strengths they bring to this world here and now and are empowered to be leaders for one another and for the church community.

It is our hope that students who invest time into SCAPC's youth program will not only develop a stronger sense of self, a more tangible understanding of how they can worship God and embody love in their own way, and a deeper acumen for serving and listening to others, but they will also have a network of compassionate, authentic relationships around them – stemming from their peers and their youth director yes, but also from our volunteer team, SCAPC college role models, and from congregational mentors.

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