“One generation shall praise thy works to another.”
- Psalm 145:4

Throughout the years, friends and members of this church have practiced stewardship of faith and resources by making gifts to the church through their estates or other planned gifts. The Visionary Fund was created in 2002 as a repository for these gifts, thus providing important financial support beyond the annual budget for certain congregational priorities, such as benevolences, music, Christian Education, and property needs.

Benefits of Giving

With our giving, we participate in the vitality of the church and God’s work in the world. Our gifts today will provide financial
support for our children, grand-children and the on-going needs of our community. Additionally, contributions to the Visionary Fund are deductible as charitable donations for tax purposes to the extent permissible by law, and future gifts to the fund may reduce taxes on your estate.

Ways to Give

Many ways exist to further God’s work through participating in the Visionary Fund. Great means are not a requirement nor does gift planning have to be complicated.


Bequests are not payable until death, so they do not affect your assets or cash flowe during your lifetime. They are private—a will need not be filed or made public until death. A bequest can deliver a specific gift or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after taxes, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid.


Life insurance can be given to the church, or you may name St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church as the beneficiary of any policy. You may also name the church as the beneficiary of an IRA or other death benefit provided for in a retirement program.


Asset Transfers such as charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, charitable gift annuities or remainder gifts, or personal residences or other properties may enable you to reserve a life interest while providing future benefits for St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Your Questions

When should I make a gift?

Visionary Fund gifts are for all ages. It is never too early to commit to the future vision of your church. Contributions of every size are appreciated.

What is the difference between Visionary Fund donations and my annual Stewardship pledge?

Your annual pledge supports the day-to-day operations of the church whereas Visionary Fund dollars are geared towards longer term objectives, thus enhancing the church’s ministry for future generations.

What is the minimum donation?

There is no minimum donation for contributions to existing groups in the Visionary Fund. In order to establish a new giving group in the Fund, the minimum donation is $10,000.

Can I give in memory or honor of someone?

We welcome contributions to the Visionary Fund to commemorate happy occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and so forth. Memorial donations are more commonly directed to the Gifts & Memorials account, which helps defray the annual operating expenses of the church and minor special projects throughout the year; however you certainly have the option to direct a memorial donation to the Visionary Fund should you choose.

Endowment Fund

The General Fund

Unrestricted Fund
Pastor's Discretionary Fund*
Trustees' Discretionary Fund
Karlem Reiss Fund
Carol Ann Martin Fund

The Programs Fund

Flowers Fund
Music Fund
Phifer Library Fund

Speakers Fund (Selley Series)
Meier Fund (Campus Ministry)
Lupberger Lecture Fund

The Benevolences & Missions Fund

Benevolences Fund
Mission Fund
S. Hartman Fund
Seminary Support Fund
Counseling Fund

Favrot Fund
Peirce-Geiser Fund
Lindsey Fund
PW Maddox Fund
PW M. Johnson Fund

The Christian Education & Scholarship Fund

Christian Education Fund
Reddoch Scholarship Fund (college students)
Turfitt Scholarship Fund (Seminary students)
Employee Benefits Fund
Mary Reiss Christian Education Fund

The Property Fund

Property Fund
Property Maintenance Fund
Pastoral Housing Fund
Mary Reiss Fund

*The Pastor's Discretionary Fund is used to support ministry efforts above and beyond the mission commitments of our annual budget, including support for the Leland Presbyterian Church tornado recovery effort, support for NOLA Wesley campus ministry partnership, support for families affected by the school shooting in Nashville, TN, as well Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Montreat Conference Center, and Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly.

If you wish to learn more please contact
Chris Currie (504-897-0101 x112)
or Lynn Hoffman (504-897-0101 x115).