Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing humanitarian crisis there, and as refugees seek shelter in Europe, we want to be supportive of these efforts in and through this congregation and beyond. Watching these events unfold is heartbreaking and can make us all feel helpless in the face of brutality and lack of concern for human life.

Our church has an ongoing partnership with Bob Gamble, Executive Director of This Child Here, an organization that supports vulnerable youth and children in Ukraine. Because of this war, he has added an additional line in his budget to support families in need of food, travel, medicine, and other needs. All funds go directly to individuals and families in need, and none are used for military purposes. This effort is called “Give2Ukraine”.

We will continue to explore other ways to support the people of Ukraine and those who need shelter and care in the midst of this needless war.

Every Day in Ukraine

Yes, we learn every day to live in conditions of constant anxiety. Russian missiles and reconnaissance drones are flying in the sky above us, an air raid signal is howling almost every hour, news comes from neighboring cities about bombed sites, injured civilians, more and more curfews are announced not only at night, but also on weekends.

-Olya Balaban, staff person, This Child Here working in Izmail, Ukraine.

"We need to gather courage and continue to work, greet refugee families with a smile and reassure them with the words: 'Everything will be fine, you are safe'". -Olya Balaban

May 6, 2022: Mom Elena with 11-year-old son Matvey came from Nikolaev. They are great friends. Together they are waiting for victory and for dad, who defends his country. Food: $24

May 6, 2022: Lilia with 9-year-old Vsevolod came from Nikolaev. The boy is looking forward to summer. He has a birthday soon and hopes that peace will come to the country by his holiday. Food: $26

May 6, 2022: Irina's large family came from Nikolaev. Irina's husband defends the country in the ranks of the defense. Irina's children, Nicole, Angelina, Aurika, and Dima are really looking forward to the end of the war and want to return home as soon as possible. While they settled in Ishmael's kindergarten, the elder Dima found a job and is already helping the family. When we brought food - for $35 - little Nicole was sleeping peacefully in her crib.

May 9, 2022: Today we visited families where people really live on the brink of poverty, where targeted assistance was desperately needed. We have heard many words of appreciation. We visited not only families with kids, but also people of older ages.

All photos are shared from a post by Alla Soroka, Project Manager, This Child Here.

We also ended this week with good things. We had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who have provided support to the residents of our community in difficult times. Our friends from the organization This Child Here together with partners Depole Ukraine provided many food kits (50 packages), diapers, baby food for families living in difficult life circumstances and internally displaced they are persons (Donetsk, Kherson region) with kids. Thank you wonderful Alla Soroka (Alla Soroka with green jacket and jeans in the center) that you come to help the residents of my community! Thank you, Anatoly Fizik for assistance in the organization of delivery.