Supper Clubs foster opportunities to make friends with other wonderful people outside of our usual circles. In the fall of 2018, Supper Clubs will again be active at SCAPC.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR 2018-2019 HAS PASSED. If you have any questions, you may direct them to Michele Murphy, or Nate Turner,

The purpose of Supper Club is to get to know one another and new members better and share food and fellowship in an informal setting. Supper Clubs are intergenerational groups. They include people (singles and couples) who are new to SCAPC as well as people who have been members of the congregation for a long time. All adults who attend SCAPC are invited to participate. Everyone who signs up will be assigned a Supper Club of approximately 8 people. The goal is for each group to get together monthly in the Fall. Each time one individual or family agrees to host the group in their home and provide a main dish. The other members of the group contribute the rest of the meal. When you sign up online there is a place to indicate the days that work best for your schedule. The group will then determine when it would like to meet (nights, brunch, etc.).