"If you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord's holy day honorable,
and if you honor it by not going your own way, then you will find your joy in the Lord!"
-Isaiah 58:13,14


Learning Center (2nd floor) | led by Richard Ashmore
This class will explore African American spirituality from its roots in many diverse Western African societies to its many manifestations in America today. Key questions to be addressed will be: Is there a “Black Church” in America? How did enslaved Africans adopt and adapt Christianity? How have Historically Black Protestant Denominations served both group cohesiveness and societal change? Music will be emphasized.

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GOD, IMPROV, & THE ART OF LIVING by MaryAnn McKibben Dana
2nd floor conference room
Each week the class will listen to an excerpt from the book which blends personal stories, pop culture and Scripture into a smart, funny down-to-earth guide to the art of living. Offering concrete spiritual wisdom through seven improv principles, the book shows how to become more awake, creative, resilient and ready to play – even (especially) when life doesn’t go according to plan.

Land Building Lakeside Room | led by John Dunlap and Chris Currie
Mention of Scotland and the Scots usually conjures up images of kilts, bagpipes, Scotch whiskey, and golf. However, due to the contributions of John Knox and the reform movement that gave birth to protestant church in Scotland, an environment was created that nurtured a literate society, education for all, a faith that asks questions and seeks understanding, free thought and inquiry, a larger commitment to the ethical vision of society, and a say in the affairs of government. We take all this for granted now, but we owe much of it to changes in post-Reformation Scotland. We may not all be Scottish, but this legacy of the Scots is now part of who we are and what we value.


Youth Sunday School is offered for all 6th-12th graders between Labor Day and late May in the 3rd floor Youth Room. In addition, we occasionally post Sunday School on our Instagram page: @SCAPC_Youth. For details on youth programming, visit our youth page (click here).


Children's Sunday School classes are divided into age groups. Together they study the Old and New Testaments and learn how the stories relate to their lives today. Registration is encouraged! Click here to register.


By this age, children begin to wonder what it means to be a Reformed Presbyterian and how the things they have learned in Sunday School impact their own lives. We study who John Calvin is and how the Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded, the books of the Bible, Psalm 23, and the Lord’s Prayer. The highlight of the semester is a weekend retreat.


4-Year-olds through 3rd Graders are divided into groups. Throughout the year we explore stories from the Old and New Testaments using the Spark Classroom curriculum. Children learn at their level with a focus on hands-on learning. Weekly lessons help kids navigate the stories and compare what they learn to their own lives. Classes meet on the second floor of the church.


Two- and three-year-olds will be using a play-based curriculum that helps young children experience Bible stories and faith-based storybooks in meaningful, memorable ways. Through our curriculum, we will nurture faith through storytelling, prayers, and music. Each story will help your little ones to take little steps to big faith—starting at birth. Throughout the year we will journey through both Old and New Testament stories including the Christmas and Easter stories. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to sign up as a guest reader in the class.


Our experienced sitter staff invites all children under the age of five into our fully equipped nursery and playroom. Our classrooms meet all State requirements and we strive to maintain a safe and enriching environment for our youngest visitors. The staff is trained on church regulations and guidelines. Children 0 – 3 will meet in the Bear Classroom which is the corner classroom on the first floor.

For more information, click here to contact Michele Murphy, Director of Christian Education.