Helpful Information Regarding Your Pledge

Now may be the time to consider making your Stewardship donation by transferring stock to the church. To affect such a donation, please contact Emily Fleshman, Accoun-tant, in the church office, 504-897-0101 x113 or

An easy way to remain consistent in your SCAPC giving is to contact your bank to inquire about Automatic Check Disbursement. This is typically a free service by which your bank will cut and mail a check directly to SCAPC in the time frame that you specify (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Save a stamp and help ensure that your giving remains consistent!

Some church members in the financial field have suggested that, at the current Standard Deduction, members over the age of 70 may consider whether to make stewardship contributions directly from their IRA’s.  At present, in many cases, these donations can be made without incurring taxes. Click here for further info. To discuss, please contact your accountant or financial advisor.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are tax-efficient methods of making charitable donations with funds from a Traditional IRA (or inherited Traditional IRA). Essentially, an account holder (or beneficiary) age 70 1/2 or older can transfer up to $100,000 each year directly to charity. While the distribution from the account can count toward the account holder’s annual RMD, it is not included as Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), and thus does not need to (and cannot) be included as a charitable gift itemized deduction, making it a ‘perfect’ pre-tax donation.