Join us in Welcoming the Currie Family!

We know what a big part food plays in New Orleans culture...It’s how we socialize and show our love for others. We want to welcome Pastor Chris and his family ‘NOLA style!’, so we are asking families to deliver to the Currie’s their favorite New Orleans themed dishes, snacks, treats, etc. If you’re not a cook, feel free to give them a gift card to your favorite places to eat. It would be even more personal if you write a quick note explaining why your choice of food is so special to you, as Chris wants to learn about our congregation. For further details and to sign up for a day to drop off your treat, click on the button below. There will be a cooler at the side door of the Currie home for deliveries.

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!

currie family

The Currie Family (from left): Thomas (15), Corinne (11), Stephanie and Chris, and Harrison (12)