Reopening Policy for Small Group Meetings

We are pleased to announce that SCAPC will again make the Land Building (inside and out) available to small groups with a spiritual formation or committee focus.  Since you lead one (or more) of these groups, we want you to know the expectations and protocols currently involved in using the Land Building spaces.  This information should help you determine if you want to return to in-person activities with your group.


Room Capacities and Specifications

LB Riverside room: 10 people, TV/computer, Zoom compatible

LB Lakeside room:  10 people, TV/computer, Zoom compatible

LB porch: 7 people, no Zoom or AV

LB front yard: 25 people, no Zoom or AV

LB side patio: 12 people, no Zoom or AV

LB rear driveway: 25 people, no Zoom or AV

*visibility may be an issue outside at night 


Guidelines for Attendees (applicable to both indoor and outdoor meetings)

  • Group leader sends guidelines/waiver information to attendees in advance
  • Attendees RSVP to group leader (and register with leader for childcare, if available)
  • Adults and children over age 5 must wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines
  • Upon arrival, attendees must sign in and agree to a Covid-related waiver
  • For events with childcare, parents should drop their kids off at the Benjamin Street entrance to the Bear classroom before proceeding to the Land Building
  • Refreshments are discouraged for indoor activities
  • Restroom access will be limited to one person/family unit at a time
  • Shared surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized before each event
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers will be positioned at the building (or yard) entrance



  • Pierce Young should be notified 8 days in advance of your next meeting to request space
  • Pierce will update the master calendar, note your set-up needs and provide you copies of the usage guidelines (to be sent with your meeting notice) and sign-in sheet/waiver
  • Please retain your copy of the sign-in sheet/waiver for 14 days after each meeting