SCAPC PW: Our Mission Partners

In addition to our hands-on volunteer help, each month we collect supplies and cash donations for our Mission Partners:

Living Waters for the World

Living Waters for the World mission teams empower their partners to provide clean, sustainable water and health education for their communities. Teams from SCAPC have worked with Living Waters to provide and install a clean water purification system for El Fuerte Presbyterian Church and Juan G. Hall Presbyterian Church in Cardenas, Cuba and return for bi-annual sustainability visits. Three members of SCAPC participated in the Presbytery of South Louisiana installation of Matanzas Central.

Eden House

Eden House is a ministry for women who have survived prostitution, addiction, and human trafficking. The home accepts women for two years, free of charge, while providing space for healing, programs for recovery, and opportunities for job training. SCAPC PW assist by providing Thanksgiving Dinner, a Christmas tree, and preparing Easter totes with pampering supplies.

Program of Hope Homeless Ministry

Program of Hope Homeless Ministry, housed at First Presbyterian Church, provides shelter vouchers, bus tokens, lunches, hygiene items, clothing, counseling, prayer, and worship each Wednesday. PW members volunteer each week and also prepare and serve lunches two months of the year.

SCAPC Carrollton Camps

SCAPC Carrollton Camps were created for families with working parents who are seeking affordable and safe children’s programming during school breaks. Camp days offer a special time of fun and educational enrichment for children who otherwise might not have access to a summer/holiday camp experience. PW assist by providing meals and other donations as needed.

Raintree Children & Family Services

Raintree Children & Family Services is a social service agency giving hope to abandoned, abused, or neglected children through group housing, single family foster care, and developmental disabilities case management. PW assist Raintree staff in providing lunch and games for an annual Family Day celebration, as well as donations such as new towels, allergy free detergent, and individual health items.

Okra Abbey

Okra Abbey is is both a New Worshipping Community and a functioning community garden in the primarily low-income Pigeon Town neighborhood of New Orleans. Through the growing of food and sharing of meals, Okra Abbey is building a unique community of faith. In a garden, people come as they are with their physical needs for food and water, their questions and doubts, and their curiosity about faith. Surrounded by church buildings which are rarely open, except on Sunday, people in Pigeon Town are increasingly facing gentrification. This year Okra Abbey was awarded $35,000 from the PW Thank Offering to fund a full solar power system that will provide outlets for an irrigation system, power tools, community refrigerator, and phone recharging.

Creation Care

A key focus of the PW Peace and Justice program in is a partnership with the Centennial Committee and Young Adults and Families called the Centennial Tree Project, a “Creation Care” initiative. A tree-planting morning of service was held on this year by Young Adults and Families in collaboration with Saving Our Urban Landscape (SOUL), a local nonprofit, the second annual event of its kind at SCAPC in recent years. In the Spring, PW made a monetary donation to SOUL to help pay for the trees planted. We hope that the YAF group will continue the tree-planting activity in the spring. Results of the tree planting project will be shared as part of the Centennial celebration at the time of the dedication of the Centennial organ in the main sanctuary (now set for the Spring of 2025).