Prayer Requests

If you would like to request prayer for a person or subject, please provide information below. Our church staff and prayer groups will pray over your request within the next week. Your prayer will also be included in our weekly prayer list (unless you mark your prayer as confidential) which will be made available to the congregation via The Quatrefoil, our weekly e-newsletter.

We pray, not to start a conversation with God, but to respond to God’s opening words, God’s prompting, God’s leading. Prayer, it is said, is answering speech – our response to a God who has already made the call, and is waiting on the line for us to chime in.

Prayer takes many forms, and is undoubtedly a broader and deeper medium than we could possibly imagine. God hears our cries, whether we shout them out, write them down or they remain in the recesses of our hearts. We feel best when we can get the words out, and engage in some kind of conversation with a loving and faithful God. It is difficult for us to walk away from a conversation with God and NOT be radically changed by it. Prayer doesn’t change God, C.S. Lewis famously said – Prayer changes us.

We hope you will experience a very real connection to God and to the community of faith that is SCAPC, as you submit your prayer request today. Although the technology can feel impersonal and cold, the minds and hearts of those who pray for you are anything but.

“At the center of the whole enterprise of being human, prayers are the primary technology. Prayers are tools that God uses to work his will in our bodies and souls. Prayers are tools that we use to collaborate in his work with us…..” - Eugene Peterson, Answering God: The Psalms As Tools for Prayer