About the Position

The pastoral resident will serve in several core ministry areas through the term of residency. To further develop the pastoral resident’s competency and servant leadership, he/she will engage in regular study and theological reflection, be mentored by ministry staff, and seek out other initiatives to develop as a collaborative leader. The pastoral resident will be welcomed into the life of SCAPC and the larger community by the pastoral resident support committee. The pastoral resident will engage in the broad responsibilities of pastoral ministry in a multi-staff congregation, identify specific areas of the church’s ministry to spend more focus, and determine a capstone project to leave a lasting legacy and culminate the pastoral residency.

About St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church

St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church is a 101-year-old congregation grounded in the Reformed theological tradition while continually growing its worship and ministry to serve the current needs of our community. Located on St. Charles Avenue in the heart of Uptown New Orleans, SCAPC has 1100+ active members with an average attendance of 300 for Sunday morning worship.

While churchwide worship, mission and fellowship events bring our congregation together, the faith of our members is also enriched by a variety of small groups formed to attend to different interests, age groups, schedules, and activities. We are a very family-friendly church with a robust and dynamic Sunday School program for all ages.

SCAPC is partnered with 20 community organizations, including its own RHINO program (Rebuilding Hope in New Orleans) which attracts church groups from across the country for disaster relief projects in the aftermath of events such as Hurricanes Katrina and Ida as well as the Covid pandemic. SCAPC also partners with 13 global ministries including our sister congregation, El Fuerte Presbyterian Church in Cardenas, Cuba, to which mission teams travel twice each year.

The church’s 15-member office staff includes three pastors (Senior, Associate for Ministry, and Parish Associate); five directors (Music, Christian Education, Administration, Youth & Young Adults, and RHINO); and support staff for membership, accounting, publications, facilities, and weddings. With key leadership positions ranging from 25+ year tenures to those welcomed this year, the work of our staff, and indeed that of our entire membership, reflects a balance of experience and new perspectives. We are also led by a Session of 45 ruling elders who populate 12 committees, and who uphold SCAPC’s mission through their broad span of talents. Together, our resourcefulness and enthusiasm over the last two years have enabled new forms of outreach and programs that will extend well beyond these challenging times.

About New Orleans

New Orleans is a unique and vibrant city formed by the traditions, folkways, and history of Creoles, Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, Anglo, enslaved Africans, and people of color. It is a city of festivals, interesting neighborhoods, colorful parades, special events, and gracious hospitality. St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church is located in the heart of Uptown New Orleans and is committed to vibrant worship, strong outreach with more than twenty mission partners in the city,
and the life of the mind (along with heart and soul) in service to God.

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