Letters From Our Pastor

A Word of Gratitude for Those Who Run in When Others Run Out

April 18, 2020 by Rev. Dr. Michael Jinkins

The full gravity of COVID-19 has dawned on some of us faster than on others.


Among those who understood earliest that we are not dealing with a typical threat were the doctors, nurses and other front-line health care workers, the policemen, firefighters, EMS and other emergency personnel. These are the men and women who run into the emergency when most of us flee.


Today, I want us to give thanks especially for these people who put their lives on the line to heal the sick and comfort in dying.


There is a common misconception that courage is synonymous with fearlessness. It is not. Courage is that which compels someone to act when any rational human being would be afraid.


In recent days I have read accounts from doctors and nurses and others who keep showing up despite inadequate safety gear, trying desperately to save lives. They are rational. They are afraid. But they keep showing up. The same can be said of others on the front-line of this disease. I am deeply grateful for them. And I know you are too.


So, please join me, in giving thanks to God for these genuinely brave men and women, many in our own congregation, who risk so much every day.


Thank you. And thank God for you.


Michael Jinkins
St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church