SCAPC Needleworks Project

If you are looking for a project to benefit women, exercise your personal puzzle-solving skills and keep your hands busy so you stop snacking between meals, have I got a deal for you. The Needleworks Group at SCAPC is joining a worldwide effort to create and deliver “Knitted Knockers” to women who have experienced breast cancer and are now using prosthetics following mastectomies. These items are knitted and crocheted by hand by volunteers across the world and provide some confidence to women following this kind of surgery. We will affiliate with the Knitted Knockers group at Ochsner’s Liesolette Tansey Breast Center. Our goal is to have 15 people working on this project and complete four sets each by October 2019 which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are 7 current active members of our Needleworks Group. We would like to extend an invitation to all of you with or without needlework experience to help us meet this goal. We will get you started with a pattern, yarn and help by inviting you to work with us every Thursday morning from 10 a.m. – Noon in the Land Building if you require one on one assistance. Otherwise, you can do this on your own and bring your finished items to us to stuff and send off to Ochsner. One of our members, Jen Cook, is once again working full time for the Air National Guard, but will be crocheting in the evening after her job as the Civil Engineer Squadron Commander allows her to go home and be a wife and mother following her busy day.


Those of you who do needlework know the calm and meditative perspective you acquire as you mind the stitches and count the rows. The mutual benefit of making something by hand, especially something so small and personal, is a powerful motivation to complete a voluntary task. The needleworker gets the joy of making the stitches the are good at and the recipient has the joy of receiving a gift made especially for them. Knitted Knockers requires us to use specific yarns because of how the items are used. To prevent irritation, make them convenient to wash, and to obtain a variety of colors, we intend to order yarn in bulk. Ordinarily the Needleworks Group do their philanthropic projects as personal donations, like the newborn Santa hats for babies born Christmas week, handmade filled Christmas stockings for our own STAIR students, and personal gift bags with handmade washcloths for teenage girls at Raintree Services. Because this effort to make 60 sets of “knockers” will require lots of yarn, Presbyterian Women has generously stepped up to help absorb some of the expense. We will be able to get all volunteers started with at least enough yarn to do one set. We hope to get enough additional people (at least 7) to spread out the monetary and labor investment to complete the goal of 60 sets and concentrate on the personal investment of kindness, empathy, skill and satisfaction that both provider and recipient will experience as a result of generosity of heart and soul. If you are that person, please contact Mary Ann Mott at