We are looking forward to a school year full of patience, positivity, and inter- and intra-personal growth. It is going to be my absolute joy to walk with you, students and families, this year. Our 2020-2021 theme is“Habits” – how getting into a routine and being disciplined is so important in loving ourselves, others, and God. Listed below are the highlights of what you can expect this semester as we try to be as inclusive and cognizant of the safety situations our students and families find themselves in. Please know that while our programming will be a bit different than normal, the staples of our program will remain: opportunities for our kids to be leaders and supporters of one another; spaces for our youth to escape the craziness of the world and just be goofy and play with one another; and environments in which 6th-12th graders can feel safe and authentically share what has been on their hearts. 



Sundays (TBA) at 7PM via ZOOM

Open to all middle and high schoolers and youth volunteers!
Whether it be through prayers, games, or small group discussions,
high schoolers will be doing much of the leading of these events.
For Zoom details, email Chris.


Event dates TBA
The hub of connection and relationship in our youth program at present
is through intimate, masked “small groups”
that are held periodically, usually during the week.
Youth are grouped by similar ages and neighborhoods. Want to host? Please email Chris.


Every Monday from 8-9 PM

SHSG will alternate Zoom meetings with in-person masked meetings,
will rotate between game nights, dinners, informal check-ins, and Bible Studies,
and will vary locations and activities to make it as inclusive and available for all parties as possible.
To receive weekly reminders, email Chris.


Every Saturday from 2:30-3:30 PM
All you need is a computer, smart phone, or tablet, and we can play as if we were all in the room together!

For Zoom details, email Chris.


Take-Home Sunday School lessons are sent weekly via email,
with lesson summaries posted on the @SCAPC_Youth Instagram account each Sunday.
Stay tuned about the possibility of masked, socially-distant lessons in Audubon Park.


To get involved, contact Chris Hazlaris, Director of Youth & Young Adults, at chris@scapc.org
or Bria Rault, Youth & Young Adults Coordinator, at bria@scapc.org.