Children's Ministry

SUNDAY NURSERY CARE (0-3 years old)

OPEN 8:15-11:45 AM SUNDAY MORNINGS: Our experienced sitter staff invites all children under the age of five into our fully equipped nursery and playroom. Our classrooms meet all State requirements and we strive to maintain a safe and enriching environment for our youngest visitors. The staff is trained on church regulations and guidelines. Children 0 – 3 will meet in the Bear Classroom which is the corner classroom on the first floor.


TWO AND THREE-YEAR OLD CLASS (MUST BE TWO BY AUGUST 31, 2021): The Frolic curriculum is a new play-based curriculum that helps young children experience Bible stories and faith-based storybooks in meaningful, memorable ways. Throughout the year we will journey through both Old and New Testaments stories, including the Christmas and Aster stories.

FOUR YEARS OLD - THIRD GRADE: Using the Spark Classroom curriculum, each lesson follows a four-part sequence: Gather, Open the Bible, Activate Faith and Send. Kids will learn at their level with a focus on hands-on learning. Children are divided into 2 groups, 4 yrs - kindergarten and 1st - 3rd grade. Throughout the year we will explore stories from the Old and New Testaments. These lessons help kids navigate the story and begin to compare what they learn to their own lives. Classes meet on the second floor of the church.

FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE CHALLENGER CLASS: Children, by this age, are beginning to wonder what it means to be a Reformed Presbyterian and how what they have learned in Sunday school impacts their own lives. We will study who John Calvin is and how the Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded, the books of the Bible, Psalm 23 and the Lord's Prayer. The highlight of the semester is a weekend retreat to Tickfaw State Park November 19 - 21. The theme this year is Who is Jesus? And how do I follow him?


Pray Ground is a special place that is designated for children where families with children of any age can experience worship together. Our Prayer Ground is located in Frampton Fellowship Hall where the 10:30 service is live-streamed to the large screen. There are toys, books, and puzzles provided to help kids stay engage and present.


We ask each week's assigned acolytes to meet with the ushers at 10:20 a.m. before the service starts. On non-Communion Sundays, acolytes light the candles on the Communion table at the beginning of the 10:30 service. On Sundays when we serve Communion, acolytes bring the elements to the Communion table just prior to Communion being served. Besides the candles and elements, acolytes assist the ushers with the collection and after the service are responsible for gathering the friendship pad sign-in sheets and bringing them to the office. For further details and to sign up, email with dates your child CANNOT participate, so that she can make the schedule for the semester.


• Meet the Baptism family in the parlor about 10 minutes before the Sunday morning service.
• Sign a card (provided by Michele Murphy) to give the family that morning.
• During the service, at the time of the Baptism, come forward with the sponsoring Elder and stand by the piano.
• Read the questions for the children in the congregation (provided by Michele Murphy) and at the end, present the church's gifts to the family.
• Pray for the child throughout the year.
• Send a card (provided by Michele Murphy with a reminder) at the first anniversary of the Baptism.


Peggy Crain, Director, will have practices starting Winter/Spring 2022 (date TBA) on Sunday mornings. The younger group will sing; the older group will sing and play bells as well. Two-three performances (dates TBA) will be held during 10:30 services. To sign up, email


The 2022 VBS theme is "Food Truck Party: Roll with God!" and will take place May 31-June 3. The program is open to all children 4 years old (by June 1, 2022) through current 5th grade. For details and registration, click here.


For more information about SCAPC's Weekday Nursery School, visit You can also contact Nursery School Director, Keflyn Fransen ( or by phone at 504-891-5101.