Devotionals and Artwork by Michael Jinkins

The gospels tell us that Jesus was driven by God himself out into the desert to be tested. There he reached the extremes of human endurance, and at his lowest ebb, when his resistance was surely most worn, he was tempted. Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk, speaks from his own experience, “Christ sanctified the desert, and in the desert I discovered it.”

Not everyone who passes through desert places discovers what Merton found there. Some, no doubt, are broken by the desert, and never heal. Others, it seems, find in the desert their own private deals with the devil. Of this we can be certain: the desert awaits us all with its hardships and tests. It cannot be other than what it is. We will find temptation there. But we also may discover, as Merton did, sanctity in the desert, the transforming presence of the God who entered into desert places in our humanity and has shown us the way though them. He is the hidden spring in the desert.

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