Focus on Community Ministry Partners and Racial Equity


One of our community partners, the Diaper Bank, was founded by the Junior League of New Orleans to get diapers to families in need in our community. Without diapers, babies cannot attend childcare or participate in early childhood education. As part of JLNO’s focus of advancing the wellbeing of women, the Diaper Bank provided more than one million diapers last year to women and families through the greater New Orleans metropolitan area.

The Junior League of New Orleans works to ensure that the individuals and communities they serve are diverse and inclusive and they promote appropriate training and advocacy efforts when they arise. JLNO began offering quarterly diversity, equity and inclusion programming since last summer. For instance, the organization has also had a book discussion on White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, a viewing of the film The 13th and discussion on mass incarceration by the director of the local Innocence Project. JLNO has also sponsored training on Asian American history, disability and cultural competency. The League has also encouraged members to participate in the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. These actions are all ways the JLNO is addressing racial disparities in American life. If you’d like to learn more the JLNO Diaper Bank, visit their website.