Grandparent Camp – The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss

Join us for our inaugural 3-day Bible focused camp for children aged Kindergarten – 4th grade and their grandparents. Our theme will be The Gospel According to Dr Seuss. We will come together for worship, story, art, recreation, and more! Grandparent camp will help strengthen family relationships while growing children’s faith!

This camp is open to any SCAPC grandparents and their grandchildren or SCAPC kids and their grandparents. If you have more than 2 grandchildren who would like to attend, another grandparent or grandfriend will need to participate. If you need help finding another adult, we can help you adopt-a-grandfriend.

Dates: Wednesday July 29th – Friday July 31st

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

Cost: $25/child

For questions or more information, please contact Michele Murphy Register below!