Global Ministries Ongoing Projects


Since 1988, SCAPC and the Presbytery of South Louisiana have been providing many benevolent services to several Presbyterian Churches in Cuba including the El Fuerte Presbyterian Reformed Church and the Juan G. Hall Presbyterian Church. Most recently, teams from SCAPC worked with Living Waters of the World and partnered with these churches to install clean water purification systems for their communities. Our mission activities with these partner churches in Cuba have been particularly meaningful to those who have been able to go on the mission trips because of the visibly astounding positive results that have been achieved through these efforts.

Living Waters for the World mission teams empower their partners to provide clean, sustainable water and health education for their communities. Teams from SCAPC return at least annually to provide new filters, replacement parts, and loving support. It is a testament to the care taken by our Cuban water committee and engineers and the continuous efforts of the members of our Global Ministries Committee who have been in constant communication with covenant and installation partners and SCAPC’s LWW team members, that in 2018 El Fuerte reached the 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking mark!

Our work in Cuba has been featured in the New York Times (click here), the New Orleans Advocate (click here), and PW Horizons (click here).

To view a slideshow depicting (in Spanish) the history of the water purification system that was installed by SCAPC members at El Fuerte in 2012, click here.



Since 2011, SCAPC has been helping the Gethsemane Congregation of the Senchi Ferry build a new sanctuary. The concrete block walls are now up and funds are needed ($26,000) to construct the roof.

Presently the congregation meets in an old concrete block building and holds Sunday School classes outdoors. The congregation overflows, thus the old sanctuary and benches and chairs are placed outside the doors and windows to accommodate the worshipers who can’t fit inside.

When the new sanctuary is completed, the old sanctuary will be used as the Sunday School enabling classes to be held even in the rainy season.