CONGRATULATIONS to the Presbyterian Church USA and SCAPC’s Global Ministries team for the following article posted by the Presbyterian News Service:

“New Orleans congregation celebrates 100 years of international mission: St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church has long supported mission activities worldwide”
By Henrietta Augustus Harris and John Geiser III
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A Message from Presbyterian Church (USA) World Mission:

This year, the Presbyterian Church is celebrating 180 years of international mission work. In honoring this milestone, we recognize and appreciate the 180-degree transformation we are witnessing because of Christ’s love.

Our church is rooted in the transformative power of a relationship with Jesus. In it, we individually and collectively experience a 180-degree change in our lives. As followers of Christ, we’re called to be part of God’s transformation of the world. Therefore, we continue the work Jesus began and to which the church is called: sharing the Good News, seeking reconciliation in cultures of violence and addressing the root causes of poverty. Today, nearly 130 mission co-workers in 70 countries are engaged in these vital ministries, working alongside global and ecumenical partners and U.S. Presbyterian. In these deep relationships with sisters and brothers across the globe, we begin to mirror Christ’s transformative relationship.