Giving at SCAPC

We believe Christian stewardship is a personal covenant between an individual and God.
In this covenant, we acknowledge that God is creator and owner of all things,
and everything we have is a gift from God to use for his glory.

Annual Pledging

Each fall, our Stewardship Campaign invites members to make an annual financial pledge to support SCAPC’s ministries. For details on how Stewardship dollars are spent, click here.

Visionary Fund

The Visionary Fund was created by the Session several years ago to give church members an additional opportunity to make a planned gift to our church, above and beyond their Stewardship pledge. If you wish to learn more, click here for our Visionary Fund page.

Gifts and Memorials

The Gifts & Memorials Fund generally consists of specific donations, such as contributions to fund a special music event or property item, and unspecified contributions to the church in memory or honor of a loved one.

Automatic Check Disbursement

An easy way to remain consistent in your SCAPC giving is to contact your bank to inquire about Automatic Check Disbursement. This is typically a free service by which your bank will cut and mail a check directly to SCAPC in the time frame that you specify (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Save a stamp and help ensure that your giving remains consistent!

Stock Donations

Now may be the time to consider making your Stewardship donation by transferring stock to the church. To affect such a donation, please contact Emily Fleshman, Accountant, by clicking here.