In 2011, one of our members was introduced to the Gethsemane Presbyterian Congregation of Senchi Ferry, Ghana (click here) while on a Global Volunteers trip there. The next year, SCAPC entered into a sister-church relationship with Gethsemane. For many years, the number of worshippers far exceeded the space in their small Sanctuary. Owing in large part to gifts by SCAPC and its members, construction of a new Sanctuary is now near completion. The old Sanctuary was converted into a Sunday School building, sheltering classes that had previously met outside.

Members of SCAPC's Global Ministries Committee have also helped maintain, furnish, and staff a new library and mentored students in the Senchi Ferry community. They have led donation drives for books and laptops to provide new curriculum and technology. SCAPC has also supported the Ghana Scholarship Fund (click here), providing scholarships to high school and university students, and supporting a local preschool/kindergarten and a girls vocational training school. 196 scholarships have been awarded. Most recently the ministry partnered with the Obapa Peace Club to make over 6,000 free masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. A group of SCAPC members was to attend the 2020 PCUSA Ghana Mission Network Meeting. Though it was cancelled due to the pandemic, they hope to return soon.