Since 1988, SCAPC and the Presbytery of South Louisiana have been ministering to several Presbyterian Churches in Cuba, including the El Fuerte Presbyterian Reformed Church and the Juan G. Hall Presbyterian Church in Cardenas. Most recently, teams from SCAPC worked with Living Waters of the World and partnered with these churches to install clean water purification systems for their communities. Our mission work has been particularly meaningful to those from our own congregation who have travelled to Cardenas to witness how transformative the availability of clean water has been for this community. Click here for a Horizons Magazine article on SCAPC's outreach this Cuban community.

Living Waters for the World mission teams not only empower their partners to provide clean, sustainable water, but also to provide health education for their communities. Teams from SCAPC return at least annually to provide new filters, replacement parts, and loving support. It is a testament to the continued covenant partnership between our congregations that El Fuerte has far exceeded the 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking mark!

In March 2021, SCAPC Presbyterian Women provided the funds to purchase beans, rice, coffee, and milk that were delivered to the members of our sister church, El Fuerte Presbyterian, in Cardenas, Cuba. Until the 2020 Pandemic, yearly donations of Horizons Bible Study guides (Spanish edition) and much-needed over-the-counter medicines were donated by SCAPC PW and delivered by our mission teams. We look forward to the time when teams will be able to safely return to Cuba.