New Health & Safety Protocols

In light of the CDC's new guidelines regarding Covid-19, all individuals who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks or socially distance during worship services and all other church activities. Since we are now allowed to gather at full capacity, reservations will no longer be required. As a covenant community, we trust our fellow church members to care for one another by adhering to existing protocols and by respecting those who, for various reasons, continue to mask and maintain their distance from others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is still required to wear a mask?

All unvaccinated adults, teens and children

For worship services, can I sit anywhere I like?

Yes, but we do ask that you distance yourselves from any worshippers who are masked in order to respect their safety. Service audio will be played in the Phifer Library for those who wish to further distance themselves from the congregation. Frampton Fellowship Hall will no longer be used for overflow seating.

How will the worship services change?

All pews will be open for seating. We will resume the use of Bibles, friendship pads, and offering plates. Communion will resume on June 13. The bread will be individually pieced and served by gloved elders, and the drink will be served, as always, in individual glasses. Children’s messages and acolyte processions will resume in the fall.

How about service music?

The full choir will resume in the fall. Until then, service music will continue to be performed by Steven Blackmon, organist, and the Chancel Choir Chamber Ensemble.

Will childcare be available?

Childcare for ages 4 and under will continue to be available in the Bear Classroom off Frampton Fellowship Hall. No reservations are required.

Will the service be posted online?

Yes. Each Sunday we will continue to send email notifications with links to view the services online.

Will we have after-service coffee and refreshments?

Coffee service in Frampton Fellowship Hall will resume on June 13 following the 9:30 a.m. service. Beginning in the fall, both coffee and snacks will be served.

How will church meetings be handled?

Decisions as to whether to meet in-person, via video conference, or in a hybrid format are left up to each group’s leader.

Is the church office now open to members?

Yes. We welcome any members who have church business to come to the church office, however please bear in mind that due to staff vacancies, it is especially important that our staff members maximize the time they have in the office to complete their work.