Welcome, Students!

SCAPC is called by God’s grace to support, grow, and encourage its congregation members of all ages in Christ Jesus. This mission extends to our college-age members and visitors, for whom this church hopes to provide positive spiritual resources, mentors, and peer communities to support their religious growth at a unique season in their lives. To this end, SCAPC 1) has recently entered into partnership with NOLA Wesley to better serve college-aged students attending school or working locally, 2) has revamped a SCAPC “Alumni” group to maintain fellowship with its young adult members after they graduate high school, and 3) is committed to providing a welcoming weekly Sunday morning worship atmosphere to student visitors and at least one yearly retreat (with NOLA Wesley) for all 18-22 year old visitors and members of SCAPC.

2. SCAPC Youth Alumni

Several events for SCAPC Youth Alumni are offered yearly to re-unite the young adults that grew up in our church and to build strong relationships beyond our youth program. Among these are Spring and Fall Zoom “check-ins” (to accommodate those now working or attending university out of town) and an in-person dinner over the Christmas holidays. In addition, with the help of our youth, our SCAPC Youth Alumni who are off at college receive care packages to help them get through exam time in the fall and spring terms.

3. For All Local College Students

Sunday worship and a yearly college retreat opportunity are open to any and all local college students who hope to get more involved in their life of faith. Last year, SCAPC and NOLA Wesley brought students to the Montreat College Conference to learn about sacred rest amidst college life and to strengthen relationships together. We also understand that some college students simply want a place to worship while away from their home congregations, and we seek to be a congregation that makes room for college and university students in the beauty and hospitality of our weekly worship services.