Why was Carrollton Camp created?

For children from many Uptown families, school breaks mean fun outdoor activities or expensive sports/arts camps. But for lower income youth from working parents, those same breaks mean too much free time. Middle class options such as summer camps and sports activities are usually too costly or not available near their neighborhood. There is a real lack of high-quality engaging summer and school break programming that gives youth a safe place to go when their parents are at work. Carrollton Camp was created to fill that need for children from the Carrollton and the surrounding neighborhoods.

What happens at camp?

Children from the Carrollton and surrounding neighborhoods come together for camp each day. Each day starts with a book or Bible story around the camp theme. Then children go to their age appropriate classrooms for a full day of activities. From STEM experiments like the marshmallow-roasting sun oven they created last summer to stunning art creations to yoga classes, the children have a busy day filled with discovery and friends. Both breakfast and lunch are provided, along with snacks to each child at the camp.

Who runs the camp?

We have a paid director for the camp, De Borah Wells, who has years of experience working with children and is also and culinary educator in her “day job” at Liberty’s Kitchen. She has a true love for the children of Carrollton and hires staff who also share that love and creative energy. Our volunteer teen “shepherds” are an important part of Carrollton Camp as our SPAPC youth give their time to be mentors for the children at camp.

What are the benefits of Carrollton Camp?

Carrollton Camp engages children from underserved neighborhoods in positive, enriching activities at Christmas and summer breaks.
Enrichment activities such as science, reading, writing, art, exercise, cooking and more keep children of working parents busy and active during school breaks.
Carrollton Camp gives children a safe place to go while their parents are at work. Carrollton Camp provides fun for children aged 6 to 12 in a loving, safe environment. Children at Carrollton Camp make new friends and gain valuable mentors.

Where and when is camp this summer?

This summer we are renting space at Paul Dunbar School, a Choice Foundation charter school, at 9330 Forshey Street. We will still be operating under COVID safety guidelines like last summer with daily temperature checks and hand washing protocol. Camp will last two weeks from July 19-30 from 9 am to 3:30 pm each day. Parents will have the option to drop children off early at 8:30 am for a healthy breakfast.

How can I help Carrollton Camp this summer?

First, we need your help to volunteer through Sign Up Genius to provide breakfast for one of the 10 days of camp. We will be serving at least 40 children. You can drop off a nutritious breakfast as simple as muffins and fruit, or you can order and pay for breakfast to be delivered by Pepperoni’s. Meals will need to be ready to eat, as we will not have access to kitchen facilities this summer. Presbyterian Women will be providing the lunches each day.

Another way you can help is by purchasing supplies through the Amazon Wish List for the many activities the children will be enjoying. Take a look at the list to get an idea of some of the fun activities happening at Carrollton Camp this summer.

Also, we would welcome sponsors for our field trips. We hope to take the children on one field trip each week. A $50 donation would cover the cost for one camper. You can make a donation to Carrollton Camp by either visiting our donation page and checking the box for "Carrollton Camp", or by mailing a check (made out to SCAPC with "Carrollton Camp" in the memo line) to the church at 1545 State St., NOLA 70118.

The deadline for all donations is Tuesday, July 13.