“St. Charles Ave Presbyterian” in App Store or Google Play


How to Install!

Click here for print-ready instructions or follow the steps below.

Note: You will need to verify your identity via the “Profile” tile in order for the “People” tile (Directory) to appear on your homescreen.

From your home screen, go to the App Store. Every home screen will be arranged differently, so look for this icon. (If you do not have an iphone, you can also download the app from Google Play.)

Begin typing “St Charles Presbyterian” in the Search window at the top.

When you see the title and logo appear, tap the “GET” button. You will be prompted to double-click the button on the top right of your phone if your facial recognition is set up. Once loaded, tap “OPEN”.

If you do not have facial recognition, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

You may be asked whether to allow St. Charles to send you notifications. Tap “Allow” if you wish to receive pop-up messages from the church, or “Don’t Allow” if not.

We do not anticipate sending more than 1-2 churchwide messages per month except during emergencies. You can disable notifications anytime.

This is the home screen!

Tap this symbol at anytime to return to the home screen.

Now that it's installed, check out everything you can do!


From the home screen, tap the “Profile” tile.

The first time you visit the “Profile” module (and only the first time), you will need to type in a 4-digit Validation Code which you can choose to receive by text or email.

If you choose to have the code texted, when you enter your number, begin with your area code, not the number 1.

This is your profile page. To view/change your information, tap “Edit Your Profile”.

There is no need to enter Payment Methods as we are not currently accepting payments through the app.

To request changes, enter your new information and tap Save. Your profile will be updated as soon as our membership staff makes the requested changes.


Now that you have validated your profile, the “People” module will appear in your home screen. Tap the “People” tile.

Note that the “People” module is not accessible to users unless they are church members and they are using the phone number or email address that matches the contact info in our records.

Once in the “People” module, a directory of church members will appear. Search and tap names to view their contact information.


From the homescreen, tap the “Recordings” tile.

Worship service and other recordings are listed in date order. Just tap on the one you wish to view.


From the home screen, tap the “Contact Us” tile.

Here, you can fill out and submit a form with a question for our program staff.

To submit a prayer request, tap on “Prayer Form”.

Here, you can fill out a prayer request form and submit to our staff.


From the home screen, tap the “Events” tile.

Here, you will see a list of upcoming events. Tap on an event to view its details.

(Events will appear in this format.)


From the home screen, tap the “Giving” tile.

Here you can tap “Continue” to proceed to the Donation page on our website if you wish to make a donation.

There is no need to enter Payment Methods as we are not currently accepting payments through the app.

Tap “History” to view your giving history.

(It will appear in this format.)