Fellowship and activities for the elder...
Respite and peace of mind for the caregiver

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The Aden Program offers social engagement and activities for the young at heart,
embracing those with memory impairment, as well as providing respite and peace of mind
for the loved one caring for them daily.

FOR THE CAREGIVER, the Aden Program provides an often-needed interval of rest or relief. The program also provides caregivers with personal time away during the day in which to address their own needs while supporting the efforts of the family to keep their loved one in the home environment, thus contributing to the quality of the life for the entire family.

FOR THE PARTICIPANT, the Aden Program provides a safe, loving environment focused on the well-being of each participant, catering to adults with dementia, memory issues, and those aging alone at home who can benefit greatly from social interaction.

Each day in the Aden Program involves a variety of activities including
social, creative, intellectual, spiritual and recreational programming along with a healthy lunch.

• Coffee and Conversation
• Group Crossword Puzzles
• Music

• Crafts
• Reminiscing
• Intergenerational Programs

• Art Therapy
• Card Games
• Front Porch Sittin’
• Show and Tell

Recent Activities

On May 7 we greeted our new program director, Marti McEnery, with a Cinco de Mayo-themed welcome party!

A group of SCAPC Nursery School bunnies came to visit and to deliver Easter eggs and other treats!

Our Staff

MARTI MCENERY, Aden Program Director: Marti previously ran the Broadway Club, a program for Lambeth House residents living with dementia, and she has completed her internship for an MA in Counseling with the ACE program (Alzheimer’s Care and Enrichment) at the Jewish Community Center after which the Aden Program is modeled. Marti has three children, each of whom attended SCAPC Nursery School.

Marti can be reached via email by clicking here.

KAT SONGY, Aden Program Assistant Director: Kat brings years of caregiving experience to the program, combined with a wealth of creativity and fun. When Kat isn’t at the Aden Program, she loves sewing, working in her garden, spending time with her grandchildren, and traveling to see friends and family.


“We were so glad to find the Aden Program. We considered other programs targeted to older adults, but they either did not consider memory care or seemed more like day care". - Participant

“He really looks forward to getting together with his friends at the “lunch bunch” each Tuesday and Thursday. Meanwhile as a caregiver I get a needed break, for errands, appointments, lunch with friends, or sometimes just a bit of down time by myself.”
- Family Member

“...the volunteer assistants, visitors and guest speakers really enrich the program by sharing their numerous talents and life stories...smiles and hugs, and sometimes a puppy dog or two!” - Family Member

“I have always been among people – active, traveling, going to plays, etc. But I’ve been sitting at home alone. My fuzzy memory keeps me from going out and being involved in what I used to love. Our conversation and friendships here are so great for me.” - Participant

“Good food, great companionship, and I enjoy sharing experiences with everyone.” - Participant

“Good food, great companionship, and I enjoy sharing experiences with everyone.” - Participant