Recent Pastor Letters:

The best advice I ever got on a horse came from a nun, but I didn’t take it. We were at Churchill Downs for a special event. Sister Mary Margaret and I were standing in line waiting to place our bets on the third race. She turned to me and asked, “So, Michael, who do […]

Dear friends, Every culture and every faith has some way of marking the end of the old and beginning of the New Year. And these different cultures and faiths observe this annual passage at different times. We have become accustomed to celebrating the arrival of the New Year at the stroke of midnight on December […]

Last week Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, died at the age of 72. Rabbi Sacks was a champion of tolerance in an increasingly intolerant time. Given the rancor and divisiveness of recent days, I thought it might be helpful to mull over one of his most powerful ideas. In perhaps his […]